Everything Bloodier Than Everyone Else

When I started this version of NOTHING ZERO, I knew I had to top LIVE UNDEAD. While that book was extremely gruesome and explicitly sexual, I felt those qualities were too contained. All the nasty stuff centered around a couple of characters, while the others either existed solely to advance the plot or lived in the background. I wanted every character to get dirty. I wanted every chapter of NOTHING ZERO to contain some over the top set-piece that ended in copious amounts of bodily fluids being spilled.

I think I’ve succeeded.

While NOTHING ZERO may not go to the same dark places as LIVE UNDEAD, it’s definitely way more over the top. Bones are violently torn from bodies, throats are gleefully ripped apart and sex occurs with an almost pornographic level of detail. And I’m not even done yet. There’s still some truly horrible things left in the final part of the book. Terrible things are in store for these characters. There will be (even more) blood.

When I enter the editing process next month, I’ll have some hard choices to make. Should I tame this down? Do I even want to? Could I even tame this monstrosity without completely breaking it? Currently there’s a nearly two thousand word gay orgy, and thousands of words dedicated to violence and decadence. At this point, I don’t really know how things will turn out. Whatever happens, I can’t wait for the final book to be unleashed in October.

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