The Beast Rises

GOTHIK is now available for pre-order through Amazon. Instead of going for a full length novel, I wanted to keep this one short and sweet. A B-Movie blast of graphic monster mayhem distilled into a 25000 word novella. Rooted in stuff like Rawhead Rex, Night of the Demon, Clickers and The Slime Beast. it’s a monster on the rampage story that takes no prisoners. I hope you have fun reading this one as much as I did writing it.


  1. Rachel Blaine

    Hello Steve, how are you? I’ve really missed your writing. I simply loved the “Live Undead” trilogy. I’m so sorry things haven’t been going well for you. I have so many ideas that would be the perfect kind of book (that I would want to read) floating about in my head. Sadly, when I try to coalesce it onto “paper”, everything, all the tightly woven plots, the engaging dialog, the moving drama, etc. All seems to fall away like dry leaves. So I cant imagine what a writer of your calibur and skill must go through after getting everything out, only to have to edit it all down. Kill your darlings, as it were. I just want you to know there are people out here who greatly enjoyed your creativity and work. And look forward to more (er, no pressure. Well, not much, just the right amount). Love, Rachel

    • stevewarrenfiction

      Hello Rachel,
      Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate that you enjoyed the Live Undead books. I hope you get all the pieces together and write your perfect book. I’m still working on things and do plan to release something sooner rather than later.

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