Live Undead, published May 31, 2012.

The first installment of the Undead Chronicles.

Live Undead tour the country, bringing their blood-slicked shock rock to out of the way dives and underground clubs. Their obsessed fans follow them from city to city, unaware of the band’s horrifying secret. The lacerated throats and acts of self-mutilation isn’t simply makeup and effects – it’s all real. The members of Live Undead are vampires. They prey on the black-clad, disaffected, and depressed teenagers who flock to their shows, while leaving a trail of dead bodies in their wake.

Depressed, sexually confused, and bullied at school, Nothing desperately longs for escape. He dreams of rock and roll stardom and thousands of adoring fans, but will settle with knowing what it’s like to be special. That’s the question he needs answered when he finally gets his chance to meet Live Undead.

Eric’s life has been in a downward spiral ever since his pregnant girlfriend went missing thirteen years ago after a concert. When Eric stumbles across Live Undead, he’s shocked by their uncanny resemblance to the band that had played the night his life changed forever.

Inspired by splatterpunk novels of the late 1980s and early 1990s, LIVE UNDEAD contains depictions of explicit sex, gruesome horror and graphic violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Love Bites, published 11/20/2012.

The second installment in the Undead Chronicles.

A transvestite prostitute, Brian works the streets of Hollywood. When he isn’t turning tricks, he spends his nights reveling in the city’s dark decadence. He drifts like a ghost through a series of meaningless one night stands. Everything changes after he views a mysterious internet video of a vampire execution.

As Brian watches and re-watches the footage, he comes to an exciting realization. Not only is the footage real, but he recognizes the video’s sole survivor. Brian takes to the Hollywood night, determined to find the surviving vampire, regardless of the consequences.

LOVE BITES is a 10,000 word novelette containing depictions of explicit sex, gruesome horror and graphic violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Nothing Zero, published 2/11/2014

The third installment of the Undead Chronicles.

Nothing Zero is the world’s biggest rock star. He tours the country, bringing his brand of hard rock to sold out arenas and amphitheaters. In every city he’s greeted by legions of dedicated fans who adore him and scores of protestors who hate him for what he represents. The controversial rock star has sold millions of records and his latest release may be his biggest album yet.

But it may also be his last.

Nothing’s band hates him, his personal life is falling apart and the sex, bloodshed and drug abuse that fills his nights is consuming him. As Nothing struggles to control the demon in his veins, a forgotten figure from his past returns.

Emilie was among the first vampires created by Nothing, and she hates him for it. She stalks the Hollywood night feeding on her fellow undead. With each successive night, she grows stronger and more powerful. Soon she’ll set her sights on Nothing himself. But killing the rock star isn’t enough. Emilie wants to make sure Nothing Zero will never forget her name.

NOTHING ZERO contains depictions of explicit sex, gruesome horror and graphic violence. Reader discretion is advised.


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