Total Zero

When I sat down to write Live Undead I wanted to churn out a quick and violent blast of vampire horror. As a result, the story remained pretty straightforward. While there were two narrative threads, I knew they would come together. With Nothing Zero, I want something totally different.

Picking up five years after Live Undead, Nothing Zero is rather sprawling. Instead of two characters driving the  story, there’s five. While their stories all  lead in the same direction, they don’t collide. I imagine the narrative looks like a four lane highway gradually merging into two lanes of blacktop.

Stylistically, I’m also stretching out a bit. Instead of telling Nothing Zero as a straight-forward novel, there are journals and interviews between various chapters. If you’ve read Marilyn Manson’s THE LONG HARD ROAD OUT OF HELL, then you’ll have a pretty good idea what to expect.

With the first part (of three parts)  complete, I’m starting to pick up the book’s rhythm. I hope to be completely finished by the end of June, with the finished product ready in August. I can’t wait to unleash Nothing Zero on the world. I think it’ll be a great and dark slab of splatterpunk, with a heavy emphasis on the splatter.

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