Opening the Doors

Extreme Haunt will be released September 1st. The Kindle edition is already available for pre-order. The physical edition should be available then as well. Here’s the official synopsis.

There is a house…

Ten years ago, a sole survivor escaped. Running screaming into the night, he would never be the same. The costume party he attended turned into a slaughter. Thirteen victims butchered by a psychotic guest. It was only the latest chapter in a nightmarish history steeped in blood. The Devil’s House laid dormant until now.

Hollywood special effects wizard Lee Masters made the Devil’s House the location for the fifth installment of his annual Halloween attraction. Extreme Haunt is the most intense haunted house event in America. Sick gore, crazy scares, great live actors and insane makeup effects; the attraction has everything this year, including real monsters.

Possessed by an evil entity, the haunted house performers are transformed into vicious blood-thirsty beasts. The cannibal butcher in the kitchen, the zombies in the basement and the Satanic sadist roaming the halls are hellbent on killing Extreme Haunt’s final guests. The doors are locked, and the gateway to hell has opened. This is a Halloween no one will ever forget.

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